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Get Audience Response in a Second!
Make Your Presentation More Interactive!


XPRESS is an Audience Response System that can be used in many occasions like classroom, conference, lectures and etc.

With the use of our audience response system XPRESS, audience response can be collected instantly and it can also enhance interactivity with students in lessons. Besides, XPRESS is also an electronic voting system which can be used in corporate presentation, training and conference.

 Provide a direct wireless connection between you and your students/ audience

 No need to wonder if students understand what you have taught

 They can tell you with the click of a button













Easy Steps in using XPRESS
Step 1:  Create multimedia presentation with polling & quiz in MS PowerPoint
Step 2:  Teach, collect & assess your students
Step 3:  Answer collection & auto-marking in examination mode
Step 4:  Immediately report generation to get the feedback in a systematic way







(Click here to see Product Demonstration)




(Click here to see Product Demonstration)

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